Trasna na gCianta – The New Single

Great news! Selected for the R.T.E. Radio 1 Recommends List (Irelands national Radio station), “Trasna na gCianta” is the first single from “Born From Tradition”, the new album.

It is the Autumnal Equinox and having just returned from a pilgrimage of sorts, and a wonderful festival in Warsaw, we would like to share with you “Trasna na gCianta”, the very first release from my new album “Born From Tradition”. Recorded in Dublin at AP Studios, “Trasna na gCianta” is a song that has found it’s way into the world through another song, as they tend to do. Written by myself and a good friend Róisín Ní Bhriain,  “Trasna na gCianta, sung in the Irish language is a song about love and the Irish language in an age of change.

Trasna na gCianta – The Story
I love the Irish language. I am not fluent and I do not profess to be. I was brought up in an English speaking part of Ireland.  But everyday I make it my business to learn, write and listen to Gaelic radio from Ireland and Scotland (As Éireann agus Alba). As and Irishman, for me it is about keeping the language alive in our ears, close to our hearts and on the tip of our tongues.  We have earned that. And it’s a beautiful language.

Trasna na gCianta – The Video
A Holda Design & Sad Opera Entertainment Production 2020

On writing up some promo for the new record, I got a lovely message from my good friend and fellow songwriter… There are some words I cherish so much more than others. A fellow minstrel boy and warrior bard and the man of arrows.

“I’ve been listening to the album inside out. Suffice it to say there is something here, about coming home. You call the album simple. Yes it is simple, but so intricate. Simple is not basic. It’s cared and cured. Curated! Listening here now to Trasna na gCianta… that performance takes fifteen years man. Fifteen years to do. Because you have had to have lived “Round The Hardway” and its melody, to come home to ‘Trasna na gCianta’. To give yourself the right to deserve it. To dare to! There’s so much to say about this record. I’m gushing about this album”.
Ray Heffernan (Irish Songwriters Podcast). Colum Bán eile ar an Gael slí.

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R.T.E. Radio 1 Recommends List 
” We are delighted to announce that “Trasna na gCianta” – The  first single from the new album “Born From Tradition” (released to radio 16.10.2020), was was selected for the R.T.E. Radio 1 Recommends List. RTE is Irelands national Radio Station and for us – that’s a pretty big deal. Huge shout out to RTE for supporting Irish music and musicians at a time when they need it most!”  The Sad Opera Team 
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Born From Tradition –  Streams online to all sites 31.10.2020
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Born From Tradition – The New Album & A Different Perspective

It’s true. The plan was from the get go to keep it simple. Do it differently. Record songs my way. To put those songs out when I wanted. How I wanted.  Allow friends and fans or “Frans”, as you are now affectionately known (Thanks Eva it’s official), to have the music first. They’re the people who have always supported me. Frans come first! The truth is, moving forward as independent artists, we need to think differently about how we do it, so we can sustain ourselves.  Much more to follow on that.  For me, for now, I want to keep my pace my own. To remain independent and live my music my way. It’s a different road that suits my speed.  And that in turn feeds into the songs that find me. The songs I want to write. Songs that I feel need to be written.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… thank you all for supporting me thus far. It goes a very long way. You and your support has gotten me much further. Especially in these crazy times. Du bist meine familie, mo chlann, my family!

Mo bhuíochas le do tocaíocht
Thanks for your support.

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