The Years End Tour

Shane Years End OL

So folks… sun is shinning as the US vote Result rolls in and all the will in the world would have me stay in Vienna. It’s been such a lovely Autumn where Sabine and I (the much better half) are beginning to find our feet in our new pad. What with our new move (recently moved apartments), the new album, the writing projects, the VSC, trips to Ireland and now as we head into the final furlongs to reach the Schottenfest finish line… Oh and now a tour… Did I say it’s been busy! 

Once again I find myself on the road to play some really nice shows as I follow through on the opportunities that ‘They Might See Dolphins’, the new album presents. A lot is happening and will become more apparent over the coming weeks and months. Have no fear I will fill you all in as it develops. We are all happy here in the Sad Opera Camp – smiles all round.


Meidling, Vienna. At the start of “the years end” tour.

 First up though is Denmark and the port town on Aarhus. Stories will be told so watch this space. Germany then beckons with Kiel and Nürnberg on the cards (Playing a double header with the fantastic Karin Rabhansl at the he lo-fi loft in Nürnberg). I will then bounce back and forth between Austria and Germany with The Acoustic Room in Vienna, Saarbrücken, Bonn then its on to Dublin and down to Kerry for the IMRO “Christie Hennessey” International Songwriters contest which I have been selected as a finalist from 200 entries.  So I am sorry I had to cancel some dates in Kiel and Eckenfoerde as a result. I’ll be back in January!!!

Dublin to Vienna will be the next sojourn,  where I will play the very first Schottenfest at the beginning of December alongside Jack L out of Ireland, Oliver Welter (Naked Lunch) Austria, Stuart Neville (Scotland), Mark Peters (England) and many others at this new /Austrian/Irish/Scottish cultural festival in the city of Vienna…. Deep breath!

So that’s the craic. The space boots are on and I have been grooming this fluffy beard to keep me warm as I travel. Sure it’s all mad to be sure but looking forward to it. There’ll be more info to come as I move so tune in… There may even be some television Thursday’s along the way. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

US vote is in. Thoughts for another day I’m thinkin… Walls don’t make homes!!!

Le meas faoin grásta