Super Moon!


Aarhus – It’s time to leave.

Things I’ve learned this trip.  Kiel 14.11.2016

Contrary to popular belief… you can actually heat a room quicker, if it’s cold outside, by opening the windows. Yep it sounds kinda Irish alright but I think it works. Apparently…cold fresh air heats quicker than dry used air. Boom! “Stoßlüften” they call it in Austria and Germany! Try it Ireland… (this is not an actual email address by the way!)

A stunning Super Moon is rising over the Kiel Fjord as I make it to the Schleswig Holstein capital just as evening falls. Like many before I have passed through this quaint Northern European city many times, and it has been an anchor to me in the past. With the people and places I know a warmer and homelier port in this storm we call showbiz (do you like that). It’s a home away from home for me now and I know I will always be welcome in Kiel. 

Setting up for the evenings house concert you’re constantly reminded of the great lengths that these people go to welcome you into their homes. Welcome all their guests too in fact; Friends and family alike. Yes they are all in each others community and you could say it goes with the territory… but tonight they are hosts. There is a responsibility that comes with that. The food, the seats, the guests, the shoes. Did you know they all take off their shoes in Germany and Austria before entering a house. That’s a lot of shoes at your front door. (Advertising segment opportunities imminent!). Karen, Juergen, Svea and Bjoern (The barman) look after everyone with super agility. The consummate hosts and they are all well loved. You can see it. I can feel it and I am home. The night and the gig takes car of  itself. It’s a beautiful room and some people just don’t need any encouragement to sing.And don’t you just love it!

It’s amazing the little tidbits of information you pick up by having a random conversation with people you’ve never met. How quickly you can get to know them. Did you know that the Danish “actually” invented the French press! Seriously! Yep that coffee contraption that we have all come to love and become so fond of… cos it’s easy and the coffee tastes good right! The Danish effect! Well more reliable sources tell me that the coffee press is not French??? When you get to know our cousins of the north..You’ll know it makes sense. Go Denmark. Think about it. You have to love any nation that can come up with such a superfluous toy that is Lego brick! Hours of endless fun being had… and that was only last weekend. Nice work there also Mr Lego on pulling out of your Lego deal with the Mirror newspaper. We love you more. Click click. 


Aarhus Main Station. Guitars, Coffee and Cases at dawn!

Gathering my thoughts here this morning, as well as my bags and unwashed clothes, neatly hidden in guitar cases… we make space where we can, my mind drifts back to another Viennese moment and a conversation of equally ground shattering importance… Did you know the French did not invent the croissant!!! Nor the Italians spaghett!!! (Why does spaghetti have a “H”?) . So I have been told. With the worlds foundations having being well and truly rocked by these morning revelations… we should say nothing about clutch pencils. But I will. I’ve started so there’s no stopping me now. Why hasn’t anyone come up with a system that does not leave you, or your clutch pencil, with an excessive amount of lead, left in the barrel, that you simply cannot use. Thereby leaving you with almost one third of a wasted lead stick (anyone know what they’re called?). Clutch pencil users the world over are now nodding their heads in unison and epiphany! Denmark you’re up. Show us how it’s done.

Right, I’m off to catch a bus, a bite to eat with Gabi a good friend, then a train to Nuernberg. I’m a Deutsche Bahn junkie what can I tell ya. It’s a Super Moon folks.things will move and shift. Did you know the moon will be 30% brighter tonight!?! Just something I’ve learned… Enjoy it

Stoßlüften: A way and means of heating a room efficiently and effectively, maximising energy. Airing a rom with windows fully open enables indoor air to be exchanged in the shortest possible time without cooling walls.



Tír na nÓg Aarhus. A great weekend for Irish sport!