Where has the time gone I’m hearing everyone say. Midsummers Day has been here and gone. What happened?

Wait, don’t answer that. I think we all know. I think we’re just beginning to feel kind of normal, he says having to still wear a mask in Vienna. I think we are all learning to hug and maybe love again. Not from a distance. Not from our windows, smartphones and exclusion zones, but real touchy feely stuff. It is the strange glue we are all made of. That said, if you were one of the discriminated and judged, well I truly am sorry. I have sympathy and understanding; empathy even. Truth is… it’s been shite!

Thankfully though, some of us have been able to travel. Musicians too. I was lucky enough to come through Covid in March, just as I lost all my “St Patrick’s Week” run of shows. Money and music went straight down the swanny. Funny thing was, I caught my cold in Luxembourg playing at the Zeltik Festival.


Always one for a positive outcome, every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. Having a green pass meant I could fulfil my Spring Tour obligations, and a run of shows that started solo in April in the Austrian Alps, only to finish up in June in dear old Dublin, with my band “The Host”.  It was brilliant!

Two great live shows, the tour finished up in Dublin City at The Wellington to a packed sweaty crazy screaming house, and the other a wet and windy YouBloom Festival in the Phoenix Park Dublin. Both of which were preceded by a day in AP Studios up in the Dublin hills with the Maestro himself, Antimo Kelly Puca, recording three songs live to video. These videos will be coming down the track soon, as will a new release from the brand new album. It’s all on the starting line…


Here now in Vienna, as we are about to go to press for the new album, some stats as the sun sits hard on the new days of its procession. It’s been a little over eight weeks on the road. Well over 8,000 km’s travelled. Three seas crossed. Sixteen cities covered over eight countries, with nineteen concerts courted in-between — I have no idea how many songs were sung.

Modus Transportus Operandi for the most part was planes, trains and automobiles. Ships, ferries and bikes were also used to good measure. However you calculate it… it’s been something to write home about. Maybe even a song. Safe to say though… it’s been a blast and I loved every minute of it!

As Covid well and truly stopped our gallop, and put us in the happenny place for a spell, here’s now hoping common sense filters through and prevails… fingers crossed. And with the disastrous news still coming from the Ukraine, all of this tells us we need to come together more. To communicate. Hang out and share life’s loves and troubles. It makes sense!

With that in mind, it is great to be able to have some positive things to write about all the same. I ‘d have put something out before now but, it’s just been so crazy busy that I hadn’t the time. And now, with a little time on my hands, I said I had better. This blog is but a flavour of what has happened over the past three/four months. I promise I will be better.  The good news is, myself and The Host, have some lovely shows coming up in St Gallen, Bremen, Berlin and Bozen/Bolzano, where all will be treated to some juicy tunes. Then it’s back to Vienna for a tasty wee gig (that’s actually a very big show), on the 14th October at the Theater Akzent.

Theater Akezent is a typical classical Viennese theatre that seats 400 plus. Special guest on the night will be the cool Thomas David and his even cooler songs. The Akzent has a sweet charm and is an amazing location. A location made for the new songs mwaa haa haaa. We will in fact, officially launch the new album here on the night of October 14th. So be warned and be sure to book your seats early. It’s gonna be a great night. Online tickets are cheaper and are already selling for the show. Don’t leave it too late!



As always, thanks for your continued support. It goes a long way. Thanks also to our sponsors, back room staff, and all who made it out to the shows; not to mention pre-orderd the new album. Your help allows musicians like myself and the band to keep it going, keep it real, keep me reeling, and us independent.  I will leave you with one of the best shots of the tour (above). An Ice cream van sitting pretty in the Dublin mountains. Random… I think not. We bought four!


Finally. We would live to give a big shout out to our artist in residence Sabine Mann.  Sabine has taken to bold step into the world of the self employed artist. Sabine has done all our work for some years now and it’s only getting better (wait for the new album). We want to wish you Sabine, the very best with your new adventure. The future looks bright. You can find Sabine’s new funky cool and groovi website here SABINE MANN DESIGN.

Few side projects on the go that are worth a mention. I am now working with Wombats City Hostels as they roll out their new live venue Wombeats. If you live in Budapest, London, Munich or Vienna, there’s gonna be some really cool music coming your way. Click the link here – Wombeats at Wombats. I am also, as it happens, doing some modelling for the new Die Brüder T’Shirts. Since posting a photo on FB recently, T-shirts sales have gone up… so they tell me. Trés cool. Oh and there is also the small matter of finishing all the mixes for the band new album. Album #5.

Plus… much more to follow on our new collaboration with Sad Opera Entertainment (new website coming soon), plus Vienna’s coolest and finest, Arge Music Austria.  They are little best kept secrets.

Share the love folks and stay safe.
Slán go foill



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