The New Album

Shane Ó Fearghail
The New Album

It’s almost that time. We are delighted to announce that Shane’s new album is soon here. The date of completion has been set for 21st June 2020 – and the Midsummers Solstice. In keeping with tradition Shane will release the title of the album on the this date. He’s a little superstitious like that. If you would like to pre-order the album, first 100 are limited editions (with some added frills), you can do so by clicking the link below, when upon its release you will receive a digital copy of the album along with the Hard Copy (which will be posted in July – we are informed post is a little slow due to international travel restrictions). Important to note: if you are a spotify, itunes, amazon user etc – the album will come a little bit later and will be available on these platforms late summer / autumn 2020.

The New Album – “it’s an Irish affair”. With songs in Irish and English. It includes five self penned ballads as well as older songs that have been an inspiration to Shane; songs that have accompanied Shane and his family through many’s a session in Dublin… and as a writer throughout Europe, Australia and the U.S.  You may have heard him singing them on occasion, at some dimly lit after-show sessions. Endearing to say the least. we love these songs and we know you will too.

To pre-order your copy of the new album click this link and leave your address – and a short note if you wish.

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As always thanks for your continued support. It helps to keep original music alive and live.
Ar mbhuíochas


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