Our March goes on

St Patricks week 2021. Another year and another March as we move on together with Covid for yet another year. As an Irish musician this is would traditionally be the busiest month. Some might say the most important month. Not just for the music and the shows, but for our culture as well. As Irish musicians we get to bring that with us to all the venues and towns we travel round. This year, like the the last, live music in live situations has stopped. Thankfully the music lives on and the songs can travel where we can’t.

So like last year Irish musicians will take to the airwaves with live streams. Where you can try to catch as many as you can. Support the music and musicians. We need it. You need it. Now and into the future. Maybe this pandemic has finally enforced the realisation that the arts and live entertainment are an important part of who we are as people. Locally and globally. Maybe we took it for granted. All that said however, we will continue to do what we do.  Because we have to.  Below is a list of what’s coming down the line this month, the greenest month of the year.

Live in Phoenix USA
It’s true we cannot travel this month but thankfully the songs can. First up, as part of the Phoenix Arizona Irish Festival in the US, I will be playing a concert live from Vienna. The crew in Phoenix were kind enough to invite me to play and I’m delighted to be part of the festivities. More information to follow soon. Time Zone Considerations: Phoenix Arizona is eight hours behind European Time (CET). My slot will start at 2:15am CET. 1:15am Irish time.

Television Thursday – St Patricks Day Live Stream
Like so many Irish musicians I will be going live on St Patricks night, from Vienna, to play some songs and have some banter on line. Like last year, we’ll be doing our Television Thursday St Patrick’s Day Special – live from Vienna, Wednesday 17th March at 20:00 CET (that’s 19:00 Irish Time and 14:00 EST). Click this link here to watch the live stream. Television Thursday – St Patricks Day Event Link  – click here. 

New England – The new single and video
The Song has been packaged and sent to specific stations, but due to the nature of animation (animated by myself), the video took a little longer to produce. So much so we’ve decided to hold the video release date back to Friday 2nd April 2021. My background is in fact in animation, having studied and worked in the industry before becoming a professional musician and songwriter.  All of the drawings and video work has been done here, on lockdown, by myself in Vienna. A lot of long days noodling and doodling, but I am happy to say the video is finished. I have loved the work. It is great to be animating again. Much more to follow on this very soon.

Roll On The Wind – The New Video

As a precursor to New England and by way of celebrating March, the equinox, Irish Language Week and St Patricks Day i.e.  “Seachtain na Gaeilge” agus “Lá le Pádraig” in the Irish, “Roll On The Wind” goes to Radio along with a full video. Filmed in Vienna by Sabine Mann @Holda Design, the shots meld and marry with this wistful melody and tune, in the finest settings. It’s a lovely piece of work. Check it out for yourself.

Trasna Na gCianta & The Irish Embassy
In keeping with all things Irish and as part of the Irish festivities through March, The Irish Embassy are partnering with other Irish embassies across Europe to showcase Irish music in the region as part of St. Patrick’s Day. “Trasna na gCianta” has been selected to represent the Irish here in Austria. Tá bród orm. Watch the video here.

Fridays For Future Concert
Despite the enormous urgency of the climate crisis, there still have not been decided enough measures to prevent a climate disaster. As part of the 7th global climate strike on the 19th of march, Fridays For Future Vienna is planning something extraordinary with live shows in the city. And because they take the Corona pandemic as seriously as the climate crisis, they have come up with a particularly safe concept. More news to follow. But mark the time and date. Friday 19th March at 12 Midday – Vienna.

Artwork Sabine Mann – Holda Design

In the meantime. Happy St Patricks. Stay safe. Keep smiling. Enjoy the Equinox. Get your Irish on…. and maybe like, subscribe share the video. Google, noodle, yazoodle… or whatever floats your boat. It goes a long way.  I also wanna take this opportunity to thank you all out there (if you’re reading this), for playing, buying, sharing my music/Irish music. Be you local or global. In the industry or simply and lovingly “Frans” (Friends, fans, family). You are all Irish legends í mo leabhar (in my book). Sabine Mc Mann. Is tusa mo stórín bán.

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Sin é. Tabhair aire a dhaoine. Tóg go bog é agus bígí caint cuplá focail sa gaeilge i rith na seachtain seo chugainn (Seachtaine Gaeilge).
Beannachtaí lá le Pádraig, Márta agus an ghrian nua ag teacht.

Mól an óige agus tiocfaidh sí.
Grá agus Grásta

PS. More stuff to come including cool news about guitars and new directions. Online concerts to be announced, and live shows!!!  It’s true. It will be happening…  more to follow soon. Huge thanks to my sponsors.