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by Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host | Lessons in Light


by Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host | Lessons in Light


by Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host | Lessons in Light

You To Hold

by Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host | Lessons in Light



Colours - Release Date 14.02.2023

Colours is the brand new single from Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host. Single number four from the Irish Austrian combo’s new album, ’Colours’ celebrates the return to community. 

Released to all platforms 14.02.2023, ‘Colours’ is smooth Bodhrán groove, brings it back home to Ireland for St Valentines day. 


Her - Release Date 06.12.2022

“In an era where we identify as many things, ‘Her’ is but a sweet sentiment.  Already coined as a “beautáiful alternative indie love song”, ‘Her’, is the December 2022 single release from Shane & The Host.

‘Her’ has had strong radio play in Germany, Austria, Ireland, The UK, The States and Canada.


Starlight - Release Date 21.01.2023

The third single release from the new album by Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host. A combination of reggae rhythms and  distinctive Traditional Irish grooves, Starlight merges  African and Celtic sounds. Or as Shane likes to call it, “Treggae”.

‘Starlight’ has received plaudits from musicians and songwriters alike, and played on rotation in Ireland, Austria, Slovenia and Germany.

You To Hold - Release Date 31.10.2022

“European Americana  in style” – The first single from the new album, ‘You To Hold’ is a three minute up-tempo track that draws on old world influences, wrapping new roots and rhythms around a great melody”.

‘You To Hold’, was selected for best song and best video categories at this year’s Celt Cast Awards in the Netherlands. The song received extensive radio play in Ireland, Northern German, Austria, Luxembourg, the U.K and U.S.A


Craw Hennessey - Release Date 17.03.2023

Set in the Caribbean, this new old world song tells the story of the love between an Irish indentured servant & an African slave. Written by Shane Ó Fearghail, this song feels more old world.

Craw Hennessey documents the complicated history of Irish indentured servants, from the Caribbean to the Carolinas circa 1750’s. Release date – 17th March.


Raggle Taggle Gypsy - Release Date 17.03.2023

Exciting times ahead. As part of our Irish special launch release,  the Celtic classic and one of the band’s favourites to play, ‘Raggle Taggle Gypsy’, will be released as a double A-Side along with Craw Hennessey – 1oth March.

Included on the new album (14 tracks), the album will be released to ‘Frans’ on the 17th March.

All Singles Artwork by Sabine Mann Design.

Thief of Time - Release Date 11.08.2023

“Irish Americana” – ‘Thief of Time’ is the new single from the eagerly awaited new album ‘Lessons in Light’. Written by Shane Ó Fearghail, ‘Thief of Time’ takes us down the Irish Appalachian trail.

Released on the 11th August, Thief of Time’, is set in amidst the backdrop of the American Revolution. One of three songs from the same story, it speaks of our Character ‘Craw Hennessey’ escape to the Carolina’s and on to Boston; ‘Craw Hennessey’ and ‘Boston Tea Party’, being the other two songs. All three can be found on the new album “Lessons in Light”. 



Valley of Coincidence - Release Date 29.09.2023

Set in the Appalachian hills circa 1766, ‘Valley of Coincidence, is a song about the love affair between a Cherokee maiden and an indetured Irish slave from the Caribbean.  

Written about a period prior to the American revolution, ‘Valley’ documents European settlement in the America’s, referencing land plunder by the white man, as well as the English decimation of peoples and their trees.

Based on the plight of the Cherokee; love in a time of greed, is the songs main driving force.


Lessons in Light Release Date 21.09.2023

“Your singing, the overall karma and your collaborators, especially fiddle and drums are really powerful! A a very compact and well mixed sound. Congrats!” Johannes Schiefner – Folker Magazine (Germany).

Album Artwork by Sabine Mann Design.

Born From Tradition Released 21.09.2020

‘Born From Tradition’, is the manifesto of an extremely authentic artist. A pearl waiting to be discovered. ” Adrian Coleașă – Midnight Burst (Romania).

Album Artwork by Sabine Mann Design.

CD Album Digi Sleeve

They Might See Dolphins Released 16.06.2016

“They Might See Dolphins, is an album that can be recommended without hesitation.” Stefan Cernohuby – Janetts Meinung (Austrian Blog).

Album Artwork by Sabine Mann Design.

Everything You Need Is Here Released 06.06.2012

“Only one way to describe it, totally brilliant form start to finish. Congrats. I hope it does as well as it deserves. Jackie Hayden – Hot Press Magazine Dublin.

Album Artwork by Shane Ó Fearghail.

The Watcher & The Comet

The Watcher & The Comet Released 11.11.2009

Shane’s first solo album, ‘The Watcher’ is “A diligent line between Bowie & REM, The Watcher & The Comet feels like a forgotten classic”. Eamon De Paor ~ The Metro.

Album Artwork by Shane Ó Fearghail.

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