Know Where To Start

Alzheimer’s Dementia – Know Where To Start. 

It is worth talking about. Alzheimer’s & Dementia are hard subjects to broach. Like so many mental issues there are stigma’s attached. For the week that’s in it and however small (Alzheimer’s Awareness Week), I wanted to shine a light on this debilitating disease, in a way I think I best can. To share with you a song I wrote about that long goodbye. The song is called ‘Know Where To Start’.

‘Know Where To Start’ was one of those songs that found its own way out into the world and has followed its own course. It has been said to me in the past that “Know Where To Start”, is a very “Un-Shane” Song. That could well be true. The reality is however, this song is not a song I thought I would ever write; or have to for that matter. It is in fact a collaboration with a friend and fellow producer — Christian Knollmüller from Germany. It came to us in dramatic fashion, almost gifted. 

The words are about my Mother, who was beginning her slow descent into Alzheimer’s / Dementia. I didn’t realise it at the time, that as this disease slowly takes hold of the person you love so dearly, and begins to draw you and all family members and those closest to the person affected in; you realise you need all the help you can get. Being away from home and with Covid-19, there was the added fear. That big “What if”? Thankfully that beautiful light still shines and as a family, this journey has brought us all closer. The truth is… it has been hard. 

I want to dedicate this song to my family. All of you, who have helped or just loved from afar. We all have our own way of dealing with this. To my friends for their support and my partner who has steered this course with us, with calm, and an ever soft hand on the rudder. To any of you out there watching on, as a loved one loses their light — Maybe this song brings comfort. It has been therapy for me. As Alzheimer’s / Dementia creates distance and darkness, the more we talk about it, we create awareness — we shine our own light. Where there is light, there is love. And love… is always enough! 

For the week that’s in it and in light of all that we see on the news… Loved ones are dearer than we sometimes realise. We need to “re-mind” ourselves.

Know Where To Start – The Song

All I would ask is – if you could and where you can (no stress), make a donation to your local Alzheimer’s / Dementia clinic/assoscaitions, or alternatively, do something that helps create awareness. This disease is all about mind. So “mind” yourself and let’s mind each other. 

Below are just some links to local organisations should you require assistance. For more local support simply google – Alzheimer’s + the country or area you need.

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European Union – For additional services
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Also: Seth Rogan has set up a Hilarity For Charity website to create awareness (Brilliant).

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