Roll On The Wind


“Roll On The Wind” is a melodic modern traditional tune. Written from the perspective of an Irish exile, it is a song that deals with nostalgia as the writer looks back towards home and Ireland. First drafted in Sydney Australia and recorded between Dublin and Vienna, Roll On The Wind is the second single from Shane Ó Fearghail’s most recent album “Born From Tradition”. Recorded in Dublin before the Covid 19 outbreak, the song was finished in Vienna during lockdown.

Roll On The Wind Written, Arranged & Produced by Shane Ó Fearghail ©2020
Violin – Claudia Heidegger, Low Whistle – Antonia Wernig, Bass – Emily Velasquez-Smejkal, Accordion, Mandolin, Guitars & Vocals – Shane Ó Fearghail.
Mastered at AP Studios Dublin, Ireland

Camera Sabine Mann
A Holda Design / Sad Opera Entertainment Production 2021