Devils and Details

Three shows in Niedersachsen 7th – 9th April

Hotel Sauerland – Alfhausen – Back again for more shenanigans. 

“The devil is in the detail”.  I have used this saying many times but never actually understood what it really meant. Truth is I’ve had to look it up. Let’s be honest it’s a great line for a song. So I will write it.  In the meantime, from what I can gather it means that in all things there is something finer, a catch or mysterious element to what ever task you set out upon or to achieve. When it comes to touring there is no truer an expression and I would completely subscribe to it. Now I wouldn’t see it as a negative, in fact mores the opposite. For me it’s definitely the magic that happens on the road. That three days in one experience.

Whether you are crossing the Rhein on a ferry with friends, only to stumble upon a church that was founded by the Bishop who ordained the man that was to be St. Patrick (if you believe in the St Patrick Story), or simply telling the story in the middle of a concert, in the house of a great music man (who had passed away), only for your loop station to come alive and begin to retell the whole story as you point to his picture (The loop station was recording unknownst to myself). To me that’s the magic in the moment. The devil in the detail that only travel and experience bring. Experience being the key word.

The Banjo Brothers – Live in Niedersachsen

The Spring Flowers German (and Austrian) tour has been incredible. It’s been my strongest yet. I’ve never enjoyed playing music as much or have fully immersed myself in the singing of my songs, and songs of others. Great rooms were opened and cool people were met all along the way. Homely and just good crazy.  A huge thanks to everyone who came to the shows and all who have helped me get out there. The final three concerts in Menslage, Alfhausen and the Muso concert (all full), with Stucky, Nico and the boys will stay with me for a long time. What a way to wind down. Tired and supported we sang our way through many hours of music… and then some more. Marcus Bruns and Marion for an amazing three days in Niedersachsen… Danke.

I never know how to wrap these things up. Nine concerts in twelve days. The reality is… all good things come to an end. Sounds a little downbeat for me. I’d like to think of it in terms of doors and windows and that scientific airing system you’ll hear tell of in Germany and Austria… the “Stossluften effect”!  That for clean air you simply have to open a window or a door and let the new air in (wink wink). That will always change the dynamic. No matter what time of year. So for me… I am opening the doors and windows now once more and waiting for the fresh air to bring new information. New thoughts that will take me to new towns and back to old friends. Don’t worry… all your ages are safe with me 😉 Did I not say the Devil my friends … is in the detail!

The Music Store – Cologne.  I like cars and guitars…

Thanks a million to all who came to my shows, supported me, fed and watered this soul (Mel B and Ulf, not to mention the great and mighty Seání Collins and chlann) and all of you who bought my records.  I hope I have given you as much fun and memories as you have given me. Fusion bags – for your support also. I mean that literally. Couldn’t have done it with you. See you all soon in November  maybe 😉

Shane x

Check out the lovely revue from Birgit Eckhoff of the Osnabrücker Zeitung (In German)