Born From Tradition

Strange times indeed. From social distancing to lockdowns. Hopefully we are on the other side and things are beginning to open up.

Having been isolated from my family back in Ireland, and like so many, the “what if’s” hung heavy. With all this down time I decided to start and finish something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. My “Irish” album. The current situation gave me the headspace and heart to do it. It also brought Ireland that little bit closer.

Born From Tradition – Volume 1
This is an Irish folk album. In mirth and measure. It is an album that comes back to the idea of home. I suppose it’s me holding my hands up to say, this is who I am and where I come from. No excuses and no compromises. No apologies. Working on this album has helped me understand what connection really means.  And with that information, comes a new found admiration.

Roll On The Wind – A self penned track from the new album.

Containing ten ballads, Born From Tradition (my fourth album), was recorded in Dublin and Vienna. The first sessions of vocal and guitar where put down at AP Studios Dublin before lockdown. The remainder was recorded and produced in Vienna with the help of friends and great musicians. Five tracks are self penned, two of which are in the Irish language (written by myslef and Róisín Ní Bhriain). The remaining four songs are ballads that have had an impact on my writing and singing since I was a child. They help tell the story. And that’s what this album is all about.

Self produced, with guest appearances from Claudia Heidegger, Antonia Wernig, Sabine Mann, Emily Velasquez and Fergus McKay, the plan was simple. Keep it simple. Keep it honest and real. No studio tricks. Songs I could do solo. Most vocals and guitar in fact were live takes – save ‘New England’, which was finished in the studio. Born From Tradition is a quiet affair. It’s Irish music with strong songs. No real fanfare. No real fuss. This album is about sounds and reconnection. It has been a joy and wonderful experience to make.

Thanks to all of you for your support to date and the pre-orders, which helped me get this collection of songs over the line. I am eternally grateful.
* Kurzportrait Shane Ó Fearghail auf Deutsch *

Photo – Sabine Mann

Fans First
Born From Tradition –
the new album, is available now on Cd. A fans first initiative, the album is available to buy now as a physical signed copy. Simply hit the buy button link below.

For those on streaming sites etc, fear not! “Born From Tradition” will be made available to all streaming sites when it is officially released 31.10.2020. “Trasna na gCianta” – the first single release will be available to download on Bandcamp 22.09.2020 and the official video and single release 16.10.2020.

Why Physical & Not Digital
Well… In this modern world of singles and easy listening, quick music, and free music. All things are beginning to sound the same (to my ears anyway). By taking this route I am simply trying to encourage the album idea, reintroducing the kids to that “Album Moment”. Back then, way back when, when buying a record or an album, meant you made the time to listen to it. It was a magical thing. It was old school baby!

Míle bhuíochas faoin gach rud
Le grásta

All Artwork & Photography – Sabine Mann

Based in Europe: You can pre-order your copy of the new album by clicking the link below. Please leave your address.

Based outside of Europe: Pre-order your copy of the new album by clicking the link below. Please leave your address.

“An uber professional at all his own appearances and whilst playing together with others. Always focused on his music, he captivates every audience. Indeed great songwriting meets high musical sense. A fantastic artist!” Bernd Rossmann – Reinhardt Best Acoustics – Germany

“Just listening to the new Shane Ó Fearghail album. Only one way to describe it, totally brilliant form start to finish. Congrats.”Jackie Hayden – Hot Press.



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