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You To Hold

by Shane Ó Fearghail and The Host | Album out in March 2023

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The new album will be released online 21 September 2023








About the Host


The Host ~

so what’s in a name.

‘The Host’, as a name for the band, came from the old Irish, Scottish & Manx Gaelic traditions. The Host’ in lore, were in fact the ‘Faerie Host’ or ‘Sluagh Sidhe’. They were the ‘Hidden Folk’ and the ‘Host of Souls’, or ‘Aes Sídh’ as we know them in Ireland People of the mounds and playful spirits of the air. Some even say fallen angels.

Closer to these realms, ‘The Host’ (the band), come in many shapes and lineups. For this album, the Host are an eclectic group of Austrian and Irish musicians. Namely, Claudia Heidegger (Fiddle, Mandolin), Emily Velasquez (Bass), Johnny Voltaire (Banjo, Guitar), David Butschek (Percussion), and Kenneth Whelan (Accordion, Piano, Sax). All incredible players and singers, together they make up Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host – an  exciting contemporary Irish / Appalachian combo, with an alternative ‘Dark Folk’ roots feel. 

“Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host are one of those bands that grabs you from the first minute and won’t let go. A wonderful live band!”  Harald Neger ~ Donauinselfest / We Serve You Better.

The New Album

Recorded between Passau and Vienna, the new album contains fourteen songs, and takes Shane and The Host on a trip down the Appalachian trail.

Together they bring that live feel to this record.  Delving deeper into the Irish Appalachian tradition, Shane and crew set out to explore the unique musical relationship between Ireland, Europe and North America. A relationship forged through culture, chaos and community. A tradition  fostered across continents and the Atlantic ocean.

Up tempo, crowd engaging and full of Celtic Soul – Shane & The Host shine live on stage. The new album will be officially released on the 17th March 2023.

Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host – New Album Diaries

Spoiler alert – Sneaky new album track ‘Raggle Taggle Gyspy’ is available to listen on the home page now.  For a limited time only!

For further reading on The Faerie Host. 

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