Thank You!

So this is a very special post from myself and all at the SOF team. We would like to say a huge thank you to Katrin Schmirler for the most recent and great review she gave the new album “They Might See Dolphins”. Katrin first came to see one of the solo shows in Graz at Platoo in Die Schierbe earlier this year, giving the concert a glowing review. It’s safe to say that we have since become friends. In the age of the internet it is so much easier to communicate with those out there who love music and can weigh in on all things musical. Not just the songs but the issues.
The Blog has become such a fundamental tool and platform for independent music and musicians, changing how music is represented, shared and appreciated. We are very lucky to have people like Katrin out there and don’t take them lightly. At their own expense and time, they are busy foraging intensely, visiting shows, writing in the dark hours between jobs and sharing the fruits of their labour. We are all part of the same picture thankfully. So yeah… just wanted to say a huge thanks to you Katrin and to shine a light on all those behind the lights. Bloggers everywhere! Danke fur alles und fuer deine wundersuper unterstuetzung. Ar mbuíochas faoin gach rud.
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