Summer Songs…

Live at the Exposure Music Festival Croatia – Photo by Mark Peters

You’d think by looking through this blog that it had been a quiet few months. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I have been hiding under a stone thinking about new songs. There has in fact been stones and new songs are in the mix for sure but it is safe to say that it has been far from quiet.

Just back off a hot few dates in Croatia as well as some tasty shows in Austria (a week spent on a lake up a mountain presenting songwriting workshops), a lovely venue in Villach (Herr Vincents), trips to Ireland and Germany recording, not to mention taking on the role as art director for a new music video for the University of Vienna; it’s been anything but quiet. The few shows I have played have been really enjoyable and fresh as I get back to playing more of the songs I like. Singing more of the songs I want. Writing tunes that I need to hear. There has been a return to a more political edge. Truth is I’m sick to my back teeth of what I am seeing and hearing and I need to write about it. It’s coming…

They Might See Dolphins – Swimming Nicely!

My third album They Might See Dolphins, is doing well and opening the right doors. As much as it is a nice sounding record and manages to slip beyond the censors, it also has a heavy lyrical bang to it. Now I haven’t spoken much about the lyrics to date but soon enough I will.  If you have the album and didn’t get the context, listen again. If you don’t have the album get it!  Chalk, Gael, Elastic, The Last Trees, Faerie Tree even Read Between The Lines, all have their story to tell. And why not – there’s so much for us to shout and scream about. And I don’t know about you…  I am seriously pissed off!  But that’s for another day. Thankfully this record is getting to the right people. I wanna say thanks a million to all who have bought it, supported it, played in on Spotify and shared it with friends and family alike. Mo bhuíochas faoin gach rud!

The fact is the music is still there and still moving. All is going well and I am enjoying the ride. What do I want now? The right shows with the right sound… so I can scream at the top of my lungs to the right people. Those who will listen.  That love music. That enjoy new songs that make us think. Help us say what we really should be saying. Let’s face it there is enough to shout about or just sing over, talk through the way we are all living and what exactly is happening. Here in Europe yeah we seem happy and secure. Maybe we are! Maybe that’s all we want. But out on the fringes I’m not so sure.  If you are happy and content that’s great. More power to you. But if you can see it and hear what’s really going on and you’re not pissed off… then maybe you should be. Stand up… and please use less plastic.

Do you speak Croatian – Check out the great write up by Zorislav Knežević
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What’s next: Irish Christmas date to be announced & New single coming soon.