Summered & Seasoned!


So folks how goes it. Here’s hoping that all is good and groovi now that we are well into the summer season. Some might say it’s coming to an end. I’m thinking October maybe! Anyway… I hope you have had a great summer so far.

Here all is good. It’s been pretty quiet but now it’s beginning to ramp up. I have been keeping busy over the summer months doing a a few shows amidst getting my strength back after a busy first six months of the year.  I am just about to hit the fun side of promoting the new album. “A new album” I hear you say! Yep it’s finished, done and dusted as some of you may know. For those of you who don’t, check it out! I even had a friend of mine ask me over the weekend… “is it finished yet!”. That thud you heard was my chin hitting the floor.  I wondered where this man might have been for the last six months. But sure everything is relative. Anyway… it is finished and it is available now, I am very happy to say.  It’s even getting Radio play with without any push so that’s good news right!

Shane_TVTHurs1So what’s else has been going on. Let me think! A wee trip to Ireland in June last (YouBloom and weddings), some festival dates around Austria in July and August and there are even some new songs in the works! Apart from that though it’s all been pretty relaxed and quiet which is great. But change is on the horizon. Next month I go to Ireland to promote songwriting and present songwriting workshops and circles with Druids in Roscommon – there will be some shows thrown in too so what this space.  I have a wee tour of North Germany and Denmark for November to culminate in a new festival I am heavily involved in in Vienna as part of the VSC (Vienna Songwriting Circle) called the Schottenfest over the weekend of 1sth – 5th December. A festival with a difference for sure. It’s gonna be a cracker – keep your ears to the ground!

Oh yeah and in case you missed it. Along with the Sad Opera Entertainment team I am three weeks into a new live stream performance event on FaceBook called Television Thursday. The idea is simple really – Play some songs live from my home! Friends and fans get to write in, interact and simply sit an listen to songs from the new album and beyond in the comfort of their own home.  And it’s going great! Blown away by the response so far and I am really enjoying the performances. So if you wanna tune in… please do and be sure to say hello mid stream – let us know where you are – and what you think. You can even post a picture so we know you really are watching ha ha! Social Media just took it a step further…

To watch the show or to check out some of the streams, you can do so by visiting  my FB Music page.  It goes out live every Thursday at the same time each week 21:00 CET! 20:00 Irish Time! Love to have you join the crowd for the next one. Maybe you’ll like and share.

To find out more about the new album ‘They Might See Dolphins’ simply click this link!