A Spring in March 2018

A Spring in March 2018
And what a month it was.

Bouncing from A to B, Linz to Vienna and a lot more places in between, March is generally all things St Patrick. Being an Irish musician it also means I am always going to be busy. Truth be told, you don’t mind that. I am very happy to play. I am very lucky and always grateful. I get to sing my songs and to share Irish tradition and culture with all who come to the shows. That’s a huge thing for me.

Irish heritage is the backbone and fuels all that I do. It’s a Gaelic thing. If you come to my concerts you’ll know that. St Patricks week shines a bigger light on Irish music. Now, it’s not that I subscribe to all things St Patrick, the Irish have their own take on this and I won’t get into it here. What I will say is, I am always blown away by just how big St Patrick’s day has become and just how far our culture has stretched. Gael is a song about that journey!

Speaking about Gael for a moment (from my third album They Might See Dolphins). I had hoped to release a video for the song that I have been working on. The plan was to release on St Patrick’s day. As I was so busy with gigging and the fact that my computer blew up (just fixed – thanks Mr Macapple), I am now back at the screen working away like a doozer and I hope to have it online soon.  Just some small issues now with video clearances and footage rights. But you can watch the live acoustic version below!

Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host live at the Vienna Coffee Festival Jan 2018

In keeping with the travel theme, I’ve done a fair bit these last few weeks. Linz, Vienna, Bayern, Czech, Waldviertel, Bucharest all fell under foot this month and that’s been my run since the beginning of March. Chasing the sun. I have also been busy writing and playing as well as prepping ideas for a new children’s book. Watch this space. The highlights have been all the shows and working with The Host, a new band idea for the songs; the focus being shows on the Horizon. Vienna at Sieben Stern Café is up first. Then we play the Frankfurt Music Messe in April followed by some festivals dates into the Summer. It’s a new idea in development and exciting times for sure.

So a huge hello to all the people I met recently. To those I know and the newbies in Linz and the MMB Bucharest Music Expo. Thanks for the great shows. The Wernberg Caslte people; you were amazing and of course my Waldviertelers… Du bist wild! Not to mention the St Patrick’s Day concert for the Irish Embassy in Vienna: What a great line up. Vienna is up again tonight at Café Sieben Stern (Full house). Can’t wait!!!

Sure it’s all about small steps
Le meas faoin grásta

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Written by Shane Ó Fearghail, Gael (Stand up and be counted) is a track from Shane's most recent album 'They Might See Dolphins'. An honest heartfelt account of the Gaelic peoples journey, past and present.To watch the HD Versionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gdrt75SxEURecorded live at AP Studios in the Dublin hills.For more information www.shaneofearghail.com#irish #gael #celt #writer #artist #singersongwriter #daydreamer #freak #eireannach #aislingéir #daymaker

Posted by Shane Ó Fearghail Music on Monday, 5 February 2018

Gael live at AP Studios Dublin

A huge thank you to Katrin Smirler for the cover photo and to Christina Karagiannis for the Host Shots (above)!