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What an incredible couple of months it’s been. From here to there and almost everywhere, round Germany and Austria over March, April, May and June. There were even trips into Slovenia, Spain and Croatia. The islands of Ireland, Mallorca and the Donau Insel in Vienna (on the Danube), were stages where sounds and songs also sat. Savage scenarios it has to be said and safe to say… You couldn’t script this stuff. There was even TV appearances W24 – Das Stadtfernsehen(Television Thursday is back again in August BTW). There were radio interviews with radio FM4 and not to mention some fantastic shows!

Taken in a castle in Bavaria after a blistering set (heat included – that went well into the early hours), we sat down. This photo captures me and the band, Cranberries style, on a regal well sat and storied sofa. Then… Not to be outdone by ourselves, the following day we moved the whole kit and kaboodle out into the castle courtyard and played what was to be the last concert this castle might see. We hope not! (So thank you Johannes – it was something to behold and be a part of. We wish you and your crew the very best; paths and swords will once again cross on stairwells in round towers).

W24 Interview Donauinselfest 2019 – Photo by Sabine Mann

















The Host are an eclectic group of musicians from Ireland, Austria and England respectively. All multi-intrumentalists in their own right, together they bring a beautiful element to the old and new original songs. Claudia Heidegger comes from the valleys of the Tirol and you’d know it. There is a mountain feel to her fiddle music. A singer-songwriter herself, Claudia and Shane have traversed Europe together. David Butschek hails from Vienna. He brings the beat and a lot more besides. Hip Hop and Ukulele is his forte. Emily Velasquez is an Upper Austrian with Columbian connections. Double bass is her baby but there are many more surprises.  Irish, Appalacian, Roots and sometimes Rockabilly rattle across the rooms they play. You might even hear some punk wrapped around ballads in English, Irish and sometimes German. As The Host broaden their horizons more languages and stories will follow. But sure that’s folk all the same.


It’s been a full on first six months to this year. The band and meself are fast building a reputation for eclectic and energetic live shows and concerts, that are hard to finish it seems 🙂. And with a new album in the offing, videos on the boil, new songs a plenty and more festivals and pop up dates around the place… there is much much more to come with The Host and I have.

Burg Wernberg Deutschland. Photo Dimitrios Zagoudis

Speaking of which… If you are in Vienna this week – we are back and have a very relaxed “chilled out live studio rehearsal type session” this Thursday at the arte Hotel Wien Stadthalle. Then we’ll be rolling into Slovakia in July for some summer songs. More festivals in Germany and… a small Irish Tour to contend with in September 2019… In case you’re interested. New Foundland, Nova Scotia & Appalachia are in our sights. Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England is a given. New Zealand and Australia a must. Colours are heisted… watch this space. Lean ar aghaidh ar fheabhas ar fad!

Watch the Donauinselfest W24 Interview & Read Between The Lines live

For Videos & Songs click here 

Header Photo by Dimitrios Zagoudis at Autarchy



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