Seachtaine na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week)

Tá an ghrian ag taitneamh anseo sa Vín agus tá go leor leor daoine, ar fud an domhain, ag fanacht leis don cheiliúradh atá ag teacht. And let’s be honest, it is a celebration!  Táim ag fanacht fosta mar atá a lán sasta orm agus mar sin… is maith liom an uair seo den bhliain.  Go deimhin… Is brea liom é!  The world will turn green (as it should be – as he leans towards a more green earth / protect our planet type slant) – But yeah, I love spring, and for all of the above reasons. The Equinox, more light, the sun spinning back to summer and what is always a great few days reflecting on what it means to be Irish. “Being Irish is a state of mind” Spike Milligan said.  And like I’ve said it in many ways and many times, we walk in the footsteps of greater people.  More importantly, we now all live in this global village and we all have to share. Work together. We’ll say nothing about the big bauld Brexit looming on the horizon. But that’s coming, and there’s no surer thing!

At this time of year concerts always abound. The concerts I play are now becoming more cultural as time passes. And that’s the way I’d have it. It’s the way I’ve wanted it in fact! It gives me the opportunity to indulge myself in the music and culture with a great band, my musical family  ‘The Host’. As a new musical ensemble we get to play the music we cherish as we meander through the many valleys of madness that is playing live. This St Patricks day/week will be no different. Irish contemporary music will ring out, some Appalachian, pop, punk and sure who knows what else. Truth be told, this time of year is not just about being Irish and I’ve never seen St Patrick’s day as a celebration of religion or any religious icons. This is a very special time of year and a spiritual time for all people; not just Celts and Gaels.

Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host – Vienna Coffee Festival. Photo by Christina Kagriannis

Spring is also a very special time for all earth based tribes. The church knew it, and in doing so acted accordingly. I’ll not be pointing any fingers here. All I’m saying is, as we begin to make our way back to the sun, the traditional tribes knew the importance of this magical time of year. Thankfully as Irish people and/or musicians we keep in touch with that and we get to highlight it and give it back to the world. And for me, that’s what the St Partick’s festivities are about. From a personal perspective it is about holding the light and taking responsibility to share that buzz, laughter and knee twisting Michael Flatley gymnastics to the rest a yee! It’s also a great time for Rugby and what with the Gaelic championships on the horizon (I love me sport). I get to get excited about grown men, in shorts, running around chasing after a small white ball. Now that sounds very weird when written I’ll wager. But I’m not alone there right (wink wink).  So here goes and for the week that’s in. Cuplá focail as Gaeilge (A few words in Irish) as well as some great gigs coming up in Austria.  If you’re about you are very welcome to come and see me and The Host rattle some cages, shake some eggs and party like it’s twenty onety nine. If you have some Irish. Try to use it. We can make the language strong again.

Bí sábháilte. Bí curamach. Bí tapaidh… but bejaysus, look after one another!
Beannachtaí libh agus bain sult as.

PS. Below you’ll find a list of events where you’ll come across meself and The Host over the weekend and I’ll be hitting the road for a solo tour of Germany – 31st March – 20th April where I’ll finish up in Vienna – with a very special Song Factory Live Podcast with @Ray Heffernan. In the meantime… Grand stretch to the evenins alright!

* Thurs 14.03 – Zum Fliegenden Holländer – Zwettl.

* Sat 16.03 – Vintage Sessions at Brickmakers – Vienna

* Sun 17.03 – St Patricks Day with Jameson – Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host – B72 Vienna.

* Mon 18.03 – 25 Music Creates Water – 25 Hour Hotel Vienna. Show starts 20:00

To view Gael – the new, video click here. 



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