Live in Vienna – The Blog!


Two weeks in and all are fine and healthy. Starting off in Dublin Sabine and I drove from the port of Rosslare in the sunny south east of Ireland to catch a ferry to France.

From Ireland we crossed the Celtic Sea to Normandy, traveled through Brittany, Aquitane and on to the Pyrenees where we played shows around Toulouse and also in small villages along the banks of the Garonne.  Then came Mirepoix, Carcassone, Montpelier, Narbonne and on to the Alps via Grenoble. Countryside and colours passed  as we entered the mighty Alps via the pass at Mont Cenis – (2,080 meters for the record…) and we also avoided a €42 toll to drive under a mountain.  Views were spectacular and cost us nothing, cept maybe a clutch, but who’s counting. We saw Italy from the heights of France and following in the footsteps of French Legionnaires, Hannibal and some elephants, Roman foot soldiers and not to mention Celtic tribes before them, we descended the serpentine streams of tarmac into the Valleys of Piedmont encountering the craziest road using creations that I may ever come across.

Safely we made it through Turin, Milan and across the border into Schweiz (Switzerland). Up again once more we crawled into Lugano and the pre Alps as I like to call them, and the views  were simply stunning. A beautiful part of the world.   We played more shows, swam in Italian and Swiss lakes,  then made our way north over the not so pre Alps towards Austria. Languages changed as did building styles and smiles and we loved it all the while. We traveled through Lichtenstein for what seemed like three minutes where we found ourselves immediately and  once more on Austrian soil. I say soil but it was more like a rock. They still call it the Alps. What a waste of a Swiss Viniete!

Tirol quickly followed and a few days resting the bones and bonnets in Kirchberg, before finally making our way and descent into Wien.  Chased by the mother of all rain clouds and like the Ottoman armies of old, we reached the outskirts of this beautiful city.  Unlike invading armies of yore however, I ran a red light… and only being  three minutes in the city.  All fun and games until someone looses a license!

What can I say… An amazing journey so far. Okay, it’s taken us two weeks to get here but we did it and managed to play some shows in between.  Safe and sound now an’ not to mention all wrapped up and ready for tonights show in Café Tachless on Karmeliterplatz . It’s got to be said… I really love this town!!! Roll on the rest of the tour!!!