Jumping On The Bandwagon

The Social Media Madness
By Shane Ó Fearghail

It’s is not just the musician and artist that are struggling. Restaurants, bars, Hotels and everywhere in between suffer the same fate.  The fact is we are all in this together and have always been instrinscly linked. Long may that continue. It’s true we cannot gather, be it in homes or elsewhere right now, but we can promote music on line and in video performances. Some of us have balconies. Others are already well into the madness. Yes there will be over saturation as everyone jumps on the band wagon… but that’s okay. Everyone wants to help. There is space enough! 

The Madness That Is Social Media

Social Media for all it’s madness, might just carry some light. Granted, it is mad. I’ll be the first to admit it. I love and hate it in equal measure and I have been trying to pull back from it of late, as I think about my own privacy. To spend more time with my partner, outdoors and with my music. Recently, I have jumped back in, upon request and as it feels there is a need. Social Media is an amazing marketing tool and I would not be where I am without it. It helps us keep in touch with friends and fans alike and I am grateful for that. I am grateful to have these platforms as I see the benefit in times like this. I would like to believe that the internet was designed for moments like these. Support on mass. Common unity. Community. So I will continue to post events on-line… for as long as it helps. For as long as there is worth. Yes I am aware of over saturation but we can all chose what we want, need and should watch. We make our own decisions and are our own social media masters.

Jumping On That Bandwagon

Ah sure look we’re all at. Posting and pasting. Don’t judge us. Yes some might see it as an opportunity and why not. Don’t be too hard here either. Deep down, whether we know it or not, we all want to help. So I’ll say it again… It is all about support. Support your local musicians. Your artists, poets and players. All art where you can. Order online food. Music paints a bigger picture and we all need to eat. We are all one big village now and these performances are just songs in a global session. It’s human magic. Just think for a second and Imagine… what if we had nothing to sing about! Nothing to share?

More to follow here…

Take care out there and remember your neighbours.
Take care of each other…
Fight for your art!

New Album Coming Soon – Shameless I know.

Le meas faoin grásta

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Fight For Your Art Photo – Sabine Mann


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