It’s Up To You (Crazy Mrs Whelan)

 photo 12bc4621-2097-4687-a0e7-e7f182612ed9_zps66c71ec8.jpg

Not long back from an amazing tour of Germany, which consisted
of great gigs from (München) to Köln, (Cologne) and great people,
gearing up to promote the release of the brand new single
“It’s Up To You (Crazy Mrs Whelan). From the new album
‘Everything You Need Is Here” the new single is released to Radio
this weekend (9th August) as a precursor to the new albums
Media release in Europe, Canada and The States.

The single is already receiving rotation airplay in Austria and
Germany with Ireland beginning to roll in behind the continent.
If you want to hear it played on a station close to you. Feel free
to call pr contact your local station. You’ll be surprised. It
will happen! Thanks for supporting home made music!