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After a wee chat with the inspirational Mr Derek Sivers,  I felt now was a good idea for a “Now” page. Unlike the about page, this page simply contains info on stuff I’m doing and other stuff I’m involved in.  Scroll down and read up on what’s going on right now – on a day to day! 

Shane:NowThe Naschmarkt – Vienna 2016

About Now – In My Own Words

“SO WHAT AM I DOING NOW? Good question! There always seems to be something going on, which is good.  I love ideas and it’s great to see an idea come to life; whether  that be a song or a drawing – it’s what keeps it interesting and tends to keep me very busy.
Have a gander below at what’s goin on right now – all in my own words!”

  • Living in Vienna… and loving it. It’s a new year!
  • Recently recorded my new album They Might See Dolphins.  Gearing up to promoting it now with radio and live dates. That’s a little bit away though. For now I is taking a break! First official release in Germany in March. 
  • Just finished cutting together the new ‘Faerie Tree” Video. Shot in Ireland

  • The new festival I set up and ran along with members of the VSC (Vienna Songwriting Circle) was a resounding success.
  • Writing and developing a new children’s cartoon series!
  • Working on co-writes and collaborations for other artists as well as working with producers on new tracks for sale.
  • Other Stuff
  • I manage the Vienna songwriting Circle:  A songwriting group I set up in February 2015 with Stuart Neville, where songwriters come together to write, discuss, network and collaborate on new songs. We like to cry on each others shoulders 😉 
  • As we speak, booking concerts for 2016.
  • I run a monthly singer-songwriter night in Vienna called The Acoustic Room – also set up to promote songwriting and songwriters in Vienna and further afield.
  • Currently working with the Irish Embassy to set up cultural festivals in Austria for 2016. Watch this space!!!
  • Trying to get some traction for my TEDX Peformance in Klagenfurt Austria. Also shamless but sure if I don’t do it… who will! Please feel free to share like a care bear!
  • Planning to set up a drawing class in Vienna – focus being on teaching 2D animation and cartooning.
  • In the process of organising Irish language classes in Vienna.
  • Rehearse, write and sing daily.

Shane Ó Fearghail – In my own words
Vienna 2016

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