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Thank You!

Katrin Scmhirler – On the town.
So this is a very special post from myself and all at the SOF team. We would like to say a huge thank you to Katrin Schmirler for the most recent and great review she gave the new album “They Might See Dolphins”. Katrin first came to see one of the solo shows in Graz at Platoo in Die Schierbe earlier this year, giving the concert a glowing review. It’s safe to say that we have since become friends. In the age of the internet it is so much easier to communicate with those out there who love music and can weigh in on all things musical. Not just the songs but the issues.
The Blog has become such a fundamental tool and platform for independent music and musicians, changing how music is represented, shared and appreciated. We are very lucky to have people like Katrin out there and don’t take them lightly. At their own expense and time, they are busy foraging intensely, visiting shows, writing in the dark hours between jobs and sharing the fruits of their labour. We are all part of the same picture thankfully. So yeah… just wanted to say a huge thanks to you Katrin and to shine a light on all those behind the lights. Bloggers everywhere! Danke fur alles und fuer deine wundersuper unterstuetzung. Ar mbuíochas faoin gach rud.
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In the Summer time …

Headliners & Summertimers!

It’s super hot here folks in Vienna. As I write to you it says 30 degrees and that’s indoors. Outside it’s clocking 32º – so the iPhone says. I’m inclined to believe it. Being Irish I have taken to applying the wet t-shirt philosophy. For anyone from Ireland or it’s surrounding islands, The Arrans, Tory, Achil, Lambay, The Skelligs, The islands of Moyle, Britain, I’d suggest giving it a go. It really works.

So what’s been going on. The plan was for a quiet summer with no fuss. Get out into nature to walk and swim… and that’s exactly what I have been doing.  There has also been that small issue of playing some headline shows around Austria with some sneaky shows in Croatia too which I loved. Thanks to all who came out btw, sang along and booked me up.  I should also mention I’m rehearsing with a new band. David Loimer on Bass and David Buschek on beats, the double D’s – with new songs and cool sessions. Some of you may have come across the lineup over the St. Patricks week festivities in Vienna – along with Claudia Heidegger on fiddle. Great shows and a lot more dynamics. We’re still in development but with new songs like “Monkey See”, “Cuba”, “New England”, “Cover For You”, “Shape Shifter”, “Rolling Stone” and “The Valley Of Coincidence”, you will be seeing a lot more of this line up in the foreseeable future. Who knows – maybe another album beckons soon. But not before my acoustic album…  and it’s coming!

Shane Ó Fearghail & Doug Andrews – Slovenian con-Fusion

Other News

I have two new tracks on the first Vienna Songwriting Circle CD which will be released in September. Co-writes with the tall and insurmountable Doug Andrews, an ethereal track called  “Black To Green”, plus a tune with the musical magician that is Ben Hofer. A choral tune called “Take Me As I Am”. It’s gonna be a great CD with all tracks having been written by members of the VSC. Keep your ears out and eyes peeled.

In the meantime – some live gigs and my latest album “They Might See Dolphins” have been getting some great reviews. See the links below to have a scan through. I should also mention that I am excited to announce that the After Leaves Autumn Tour 2017 is almost booked in – with dates coming on line soon. Before that I have a summer special show in Mureck (Steiermark) at the Kolleritsch Buschenschank, the Seekamping Berghoff open air by the lake in Carinthia and two lovely shows in Vienna in September. See Tour Dates. Summer break I hear you say!

Other news for Dublin friends, fans and family alike. The Christmas show is booked for the 14th December in the majestic and mystical 6th century St Maelruains church in Tallaght Village – with a great line up and support on the night. More to follow on all events very soon. Oh… and there’s a new website coming online in September too ssssh!

As always thanks for tuning in. Television Thursday is back in September…
Did I mentioned we’ve stopped using plastic bottles!!!

le meas faoin grásta

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“Just listening to the new Shane Ó Fearghail album. Only one way to describe it, totally brilliant from start to finish. Congrats”. Jackie Hayden ~ Hot Press.