Gael was written in Vienna in 2014. Or at least that’s where the writing begun. The journey started when first I set foot on a famine grave as a six year old boy, with my father in West Cork just outside Skilbereen. Irish music was always in my house and in my ears. The Irish story and our history however did not come to me as pleasantly as the sweet melodies or soulful laments.

I was a page turner. What I learned as I read through page and paragraph broke my heart several times over. For a youngfella looking into his past I was soon to realise that my sound was not the sound from the television or the invader. It was not the beat of a foreign drum. I was Irish.

Gael could be a song about coming to terms with where you are from. It could be about who you belong to. No matter… it’s just a song and imagination has no border!

Bain sult as
Shane Ó Feargail – Vienna 03.03.2019

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