Freak played on Brazilian, Spanish and Irish Radio

Having been played on most Irish stations, we’re still waiting on Newstalk to shine a light… Freak has already been played on local stations in Brazil and Spain. Response has been great (we would say that wouldn’t we though !!!) and we are thrilled!!!

Prize goes to our good friend and master DJ Martin Bridgeman of KCLR, for being the first Irish DJ to play the track as well as the first Irish DJ to have us in the studio. Thanks Martin… It goes a long way! You are a legend and we love you!!!

Thanks also to everyone for pluggin the song so far. Freak is opening a lot of international doors and really beginning to place the songs in other peoples ears as well as well as on their lips. So thanks to you all!

We’ll keep you posted on events as they unfold.
Take care… Keep spread the word! There’s a bit of Freak in all of us 😉