February Delivers

Photo: Mandy von HolterLive at the Spieker – Ekernfoerde

16ú la Feabhra
Days are flying past. Already we are into the middle  month of February. The good news is there is a spring to the step as the nights grow that little bit longer and here’s hoping Spring herself is just around the corner.  Me myself, I am not long back off a wee north German tour to Kiel and Ekernfoerde, not to mention a sneaky show in south of Napoli and the town of Polla in Italy. Great winter run to warm up the voice. The gigs were intimate, they were big and small. Everybody sang. That’s the best of all.

Spring in Vienna

So yeah… There is a lot happening. Good news just in as St Patrick’s Week is on the horizon.  New show dates are booked and the release of a new video to the “Faerie Tree”  will be coming on line soon (see below). Safe to say the scene is set for more of the same in March. Looking forward to it. Stay tuned… German tour in April!

I should also mention two quite significant developments on the songwriting side of things. Firstly, a co-write I have been involved in with a great team has been released out of Berlin. In just under one week it has received over 100,000 views on Youtube and growing. Tis great for the Artist Kezzy, as she prepares to release her new album and let’s be honest, does no harm for my songwriting CV either. I wanna wish Kezzy and crew, the very best with the track!

Click this link to watch – Fake Naked by – Kezzy.

Secondly and a little closer to home. I am very happy to announce that we will be joining forces with Sentric Music (UK) for a World Wide deal that covers publishing, syncing and licensing.  For those of you who don’t know what “syncing and licensing” means – simply put – you might hear one of my songs on a movie or TV advert!  It is great for me as songwriter, for the songs and all the team. So congrats there to all involved.

More news to come next week as the Sad Opera team prepare to promote the new album. There will be info on the most recent interview and video with Fusion Guitar bags, not to mention the release of the new video for Faerie Tree.  It’s all systems groovi!

Faerie Tree – New Video coming soon
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