Caruso’s Christmas Show

Hello folks. Here’s hoping this finds you all well. Following on from the success of last Tuesdays gig in Odessa, The band been invited back to play once more in Odessa.

So… safe to say…It’s that time of year again and Shane and crew would like to invite you to come out and play… and join the band for Caruso’s last Irish gig of 2013 in Odessa Dublin. And here’s the fun part!

We’re gonna be putting together a video based on the gig! A before and after kinda thing. What we were hoping is that you all… yes every one of you… would be our cameramen/camerawomen on the night!

It’s simple… What you need to do is take some footage or photo’s of your night… From start to finish! On route to the gig/at the gig/after the gig. We will take your email address at the show and email you a link to where you can upload your footage. We will then cut all the footage together to one of the tracks from Caruso’s new album!!! The video will be ready for Christmas eve 🙂 Simple!!!

It’s all in your hands – It’s up to you!!!
The Caruso Team!
(Wear Santa hats)