Blogs and what not!!!

Sitting here trying to figure out this whole blogging thing. The why’s and the wherefores! As a musician I know it’s important. It’s what people are into and it get’s your music out there. But as I am sure all musicians will agree, it’s time that could be better spent playing music, writing, rehearsing. It seems the more you play and write these days the more you have to say and tune in to social media to try to promote and sell your music. A real conundrum of sorts… or is that an ironic paradox!

All that said it’s good fun and I do enjoy it. Almost like an old video game you used to play for hours (For those of you who remember Pac Man or space invaders!!!). So I am guessing it’s a good thing. It means that the music and songs you write/play is getting out there. Which is true and I am happy for that! Very happy and grateful!

So yeah…Blogging… a wee observation for this morning! As I dust off the cobwebs and swing my attention back to the social media promo… as you do!

Caruso’s next date in Dublin: This show in the Cobalt Cafe will see us come to the end of our wee rehearsal/promo run. Great gigs, Great Vibe and Great crowds! More to follow on that for sure! All of which lead us nicely to the release of the new album in May! Yes we have a date!!! But that my friends is for the real official press release (coming soon). The one where the real professional PR people get to play! We are at their mercy 😉

Also in the pipeline this week. I play at the Pan Celtic Festival in Carlow (Thursday) and the Wicked Chicken (Cuckoos Nest) Tallaght (Friday) as part of Cancer fundraiser! For more details check out the Caruso Website – Shows

Safe to say there’s much more to follow!!!
Have a great day.
The sun is shining!