Back home in Dublin

Hello… and how’s it goin!!! ? Here’s hoping this finds you well.
Just a wee one to keep you up to speed on what’s been going on…

Not long back from a very successful trip to the Mainburg festival. Went great!!!  Met some really cool people and played a good strong set. Thanks to Michael Schurr, Bench, Jenny, Thomas and all else who made it possible. We know who you are… and we now know where you live 😉 For sure we’ll be back to Germany in September.

Other News: We have a very big Dublin gig coming up in The Grand Social on the 28th of this month.  There also be friends over from Germany, Denmark, Finland and Holland who’ll also be playing on the night – Town of Saints – A real treat!  One not to be missed! So I guess we’ll see you there.

Til then… Take it easy!!!