An Irishman’s Journey in Europe

Spring Steps Tour March 2019.

Gearing up for stepping out  and it’s all pretty bazar. I wanted to be a fireman or simply have a helicopter. That was my childhood dream. I loved to draw and paint. Mostly draw though because (and I realise this now), I loved the idea of no borders. No boxes. Nothing to hem those scribbles in. I became aware also that those scribbles represent creativity and the freedom that that gives you. Songs are the same. The rough cut. The messy idea. The colourful or colourless sketch. It doesn’t matter. It’s the act and art of doing. Throwing it out onto the page or into the ether but way of pencil and lead, scream or shout; sometimes a song.

I broke my Granny’s guitar. The woman who gave me music. One morning in a young temper I threw the guitar onto my bed. I wasn’t to know it would bounce off that very same bed (as things generally do), flip and crack on the other side of my sleeping cot. The neck broke and a guitar that I had “air played’ for a decade was no more. But with broken guitars comes new directions. I decided to learn how to play. I have since had a recent episode with two famous airlines which I cannot tell you about just now because we are in “discussions”, but safe to say more will follow on this and that after yet another cracked guitar, a new direction has been created.


Reinhardt Best Acoustics Team – Frankfurt Messe 2019

Little was I to know that at sixteen (there’s that number again), when the guitar hit the floor, that I would be compelled to travel to different places. And on the eve of my most recent Spring Tour in Europe – March 2019 and I think this is my tenth solo spring tour… I am now representing Shadow Guitars & Best Acoustics Reinhardt as their Brand Ambassador for the new Shadow Acoustic line. I have been touring and testing the guitar for about six months now and will take it to Frankfurt Messe to represent the brand along with other great players and tunesters. I’ve had the record deal on the table several times and didn’t take it. Didn’t feel right. This is more important to me. An endorsement by your piers. Coupled with being Brand Ambassador for Fusion Bags it doesn’t get any better. Reinhardt and Fusion are the coolest team of people I know.

So along with the Reinhardt Best Acoustics crew and Fusion Bags I will be knocking out the tunes at the Messe from the 2nd – 5th April followed by a big show in Frankfurt with Hanna Kah and her band on the evening of Friday 5th April – all of which sits neatly into my European Spring Tour – Click here for dates.


“It was sunny and it was early. Asked would be play on a rooftop in Munich we said “why not’! Feeling like the The Beatles and shoeless we hit the heights and sang about trees. The Last Trees live with The Host.”


Header Photo Pix by Marc Lazzarini – Live at Zeltik Festival Dudelange.
Copyright: Ville de Dudelange / Pix by Marc Lazzarini



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