More Austrian Airplay!!!

More good news!!! As you may be aware through FB and Twitter, All Your Features, the most recent Caruso release has been placed on the playlists of two Austrian Radio stations for April and May! Safe to say we’re very happy about it… as Austria is almost our second home! The song itself is beginning to grow wings which all leads nicely up to the new album release on May 14th in our home town of Dublin. Venue to be announced soon!

And on that note, excusing all puns, the album artwork was also finalized this weekend and is, as we speak, making it’s way on the information highway to the duplication people – The people who have the technology to make many CD’s appear from just one! Amazing people! Everything You Need Is Here – the finished CD, pressed and packaged, will be in our hands shortly! All in plenty of time for the release date thankfully! Exciting stuff!!!

Other news! The deadline for the album launch competition which went live on St Patricks day has been extended until Midnight tonight – Sunday 14th. Simply because I get to give it one more push tonight on radio. For more details go to the home page and follow links or simply click the link below! You’d have to!!!

Roll on the summer!!!