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“Trasna na gCianta” the first single from the new album was selected for the R.T.E. Radio 1 Recommends List (Irelands national Radio)

Shane Ó Fearghail’s new album is a pearl waiting to be discovered. A moment of calm reflection for the times we live in. Born From Tradition is the manifesto of an extremely authentic artist.” Adrian Coleașă – Midnight Burst Romania

Recorded in Dublin before lock down and finished at home in Vienna mid Covid-19,  Born From Tradition, Shane’s new album captures that island magic.

“Having a fine lyrical sense, Shane creates a depth of meaning that is compelling in his songs, painting atmospheric soundscapes effortlessly.”
Mark Lysagth – Irish Music Magazine

Born From Tradition is available to “Frans” – To pre-order or read more about the new album click here

The Watcher & The Comet
“A diligent line between Bowie & REM, The Watcher & The Comet feels like a forgotten classic.” Eamon De Paor ~ The Metro 

Everything You Need Is Here 
“Just listening to the new Shane Ó Fearghail album. Only one way to describe it, totally brilliant form start to finish. Congrats.” Jackie Hayden – Hot Press.

They Might See Dolphins
“With eleven eclectic new tracks, this Irish Songwriter has honed his skills as a writer and a performer. They Might See Dolphins is a beautifully crafted album”  Jeff Burns – Sad Opera Entertainment Dublin.


Shane Ó Fearghail & The Host are a wonderful live band. One of those bands that grabs the audience from the first minute and won’t let them go until the end. I love them!”  Harald Neger – Donauinselfest / We Serve You Better – Events Austria.

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Trasna na gCianta - The New SIngle

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  • Jackie Hayden, Hot Press
    Just listening to the new Shane Ó Fearghail album. Only one way to describe it, totally brilliant form start to finish. Congrats. I hope it does as well as it deserves
  • Lauren Murphy, The Irish Times
    This Dubliner makes the sort of music that you can imagine on heavy rotation on radio stations in Germany, Austria & Switzerland!
  • Eamon De Paor, The Metro
    The songs are endlessly slick and tastefully assembled
  • DJ Sinister Pete, Phantom FM
    Hard to pigeon hole… One minute you’re hearing the heartfelt warblings of the singer songwriter, next they’re rocking it out with the best of them and that’s what makes this Dubliner stand out

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